Thai Massage -タイ式整体

at Hoshihana Village in Chiangmai, Thailand


Relaxation Massage  – Full body massage to help improve energy flow and own healing ability. Combination of work with Sen Line ( much similar to Meridian Line) in entire body and deep tissue massage.

Therapeutic Massage – Combination of Thai Acupressure (trigger point) therapy and general Thai Massage. Good for someone with chronic pain on mucules and joints.


60min – $50.00 / 90mins – $65 / 120min – $80

Please contact me for pricing and inquiries



Thai Yoga Massage or Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient Asian healing art which combines acupressure along energy lines, assisted yoga stretching, gentle rocking and other techniques which can help unblock energy flow and allow the body to regain its own natural healing abilities, thus restoring balance, health and harmony. It has roots in Ayurveda and can be traced back 2,500 years to India. Thai Massage has close ties with Hatha Yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, and Japanese Shiatsu. (adapted from Chaithavuthi, J & Muangsiri, K “Ancient Thai Massage Healing with Life Force”) 

Ayumi has completed a professional Thai massage training at Thai Massage School Chiang Mai in Thailand 2015, and studying with Noam Taylor with his work Thai Acupressure. With her anatomical knowledge through teaching many years of yoga and trainings, Ayumi’s massage will help rejuvenating receiver’s energy flow and self-healing ability.